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CIGIT Initiated New Collaborative Innovation Program for Joint ...15-10-19

International Collaboration leads to a new breakthrough of Robo...15-07-29

Prof. Zong-Bin Cui and Prof. Yong-Hua Sun from Institute of Hyd...15-05-28

Dr. Zili Lei from University of Cologne (Germany) visited CIGIT14-12-31

IEEE Life Fellow Prof. William Levine from University of Maryla...14-11-17

Prof. Li Zhang from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Ch...14-11-06

Prof. Jinsheng Chen, Prof. Hang Xiao, and Dr. Junjun Deng from ...14-09-24

Associate Professor Belinda Sturm from University of Kansas vis...14-09-11

Dr. Yan-Bin Jia from Iowa State University Visited CIGIT14-09-05

Prof. Hao Xiaotao Visited CIGIT and Gave an Academic Report14-07-30

Prof. Si-Jin Liu from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sci...14-07-30

Professor Jizhong Zhou from University of Oklahoma visited CIGIT14-07-10

Professor Li Junhua from Tsinghua University visited CIGIT14-06-04

The Visit of Dr Chuang from National Dong Hwa University14-04-30

CIGIT Visiting by Professor Lin Pang from Sichuan University14-04-23

Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sci...14-04-22

Professor He Haopei came from the Department of Electronic Engi...14-03-27

Professor Sheng Yunlong from University of Laval visited CIGIT14-03-27

Professor Xie Sishen visited CIGIT14-03-27

Academician of the academy of science of Australian Professor ...14-03-27

Two professors from University of Memphis visit Chongqing insti...14-03-27

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