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ICIF-IV 2015 Call-for-Papers

4th International Conference on Intelligent Finance (ICIF-IV) 

( http://english.cigit.cas.cn/icif/ )  

10.-12. December 2015, Chongqing(Venue: 266 Fangzheng Road, Shuitu High-Tech Industrial Park, Beibei District, Chongqing) 

Organizers: Chinese Academy of Sciences - Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology (CAS-CIGIT) 

Co-Organizers: Chinese Financial Engineering Association, People’s Bank of China Credit Reference Center, Beijing University Financial Intelligence Research Center, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics, American Association of Bankers 

Driven by the Internet big data intelligence, modern financial theory and financial engineering have kept pace with the times and entered into the era of intelligent finance. In the international financial academics and industry, intelligent finance has emerged as the latest stage of modern financial theory and financial engineering formally with the First International Workshop on Intelligent Finance (IWIF-I, 2004, Melbourne, sponsored by ANZ Bank). The follow-up IWIF-II and IWIF-III took place in Chengdu 2007 and in Beijing 2009 respectively sponsored by Southwest University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) and University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (UESTC), and by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Forecasting Science Center and China Finance Online (NASDAQ: JRJC). The year of 2013 and 2014 are considered respectively as the first year of the big data and of the Internet finance in China. The truth is that what is underlying both the big data and Internet finance is intelligent finance as the scientific fundamentals and the core technologies. Theoretically, technologically and practically, intelligent finance aims at the intelligent design of financial systems, institutions and products, at the intelligent management of market risk, credit risk and operational risk, and at the intelligent automation of financial investment and trading as well as financing and financial operations. The fourth meeting on intelligent finance is lifted from the level of workshop up to the level of international conference on intelligent finance science, technologies, applications and management.  

Along with the extensive international corporations driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, the creation of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the internationalization of Chinese yuan, a new world financial order of dollar-euro-yuan triangle is emerging for the world economy. At the same time, along with the rapid development of Internet finance, e-commerce, Internet of things and Industry 4.0, the world economy is entering into a new era of intelligent economy. All these demand the intelligentization of financial systems, markets and management up into a new stage of full-scale development. This kind of requirement of the times and the market demand have posed new challenges to fundamental theories of modern finance, requiring to lift financial engineering to the science and technologies of intelligent financial engineering. Herewith involved are a number of outstanding problems – theoretical, technological and strategic.  

This Conference still takes the form of oral presentations and posters, including keynote speeches by the visionary financial strategists and world-class scholars and experts, leading-edge research reports and technological demonstrations from various frontiers of intelligent finance.  

Apart from invited presentations, paper submissions are invited from the following topics (but not limited to): 

  1. Financial Development Strategies 

    - China’s New Normal and financial development strategies

    - National strategies to drive Chongqing towards an international financial center

    - Financial engineering implementation of regional financial development strategies

  2. Financial Predictive Analysis 

    - Macro-economic and financial market predictive analysis models

    - Agent- and complex network-based economic and financial modeling and simulation

    - Causal and emergent formation analysis and early warning of global financial crises

  3. Financial Investment Trading 

    - Intelligent portfolio theory, management and systems

    - Active portfolio theory and models

    - Intelligent trading strategies and systems

    - Algorithmic trading strategies and systems

    - Intelligent derivative-based structured products and trading strategies

  4. Financial Business Intelligence 

    - Internet finance business models, key technologies and operation management

    - Finance driving supply chains, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

    - Big data analysis business models, technologies and operations

  5. Financial Risk Management 

    - Market risk management

    - Credit risk management

    - Operational risk management

Full paper submissions are preferred. However, for those real experienced or leading-edge experts from financial industry or renowned scholars from academics, submission of abstracts is also welcome. Each submission (full paper or abstract) will be reviewed by at least two program committee members. Accepted papers and presentations (PPT) will be published in the conference proceedings. There will be poster sessions for working papers and PhD students. The official languages of the Conference are English and Chinese. Papers and abstracts in one of these two languages are acceptable. 

Important dates: 

  • 10. October 2015: Paper or Abstract submission due. 

  • 30. October 2015, Notification of acceptance of submissions 

  • 20. November 2015, Uploading final paper of accepted submissions due 

  • 10.-12. December 2015, the Conference 

Conference Co-Chairs: 

  • Hosting Chair: YUAN Jiahu, Director CAS-CIGIT 

  • Executive Chair: PAN Heping, Director CAS-CIGIT Intelligent Finance Research Center 

  • William Ziemba, University of British Columbia Emeritus, Canada 

  • Xinzhong Chen, Global Director of Research, Alliance Bernstein Investment, USA 



Program Committee (in alphabetic order, subject to update)

Jorgen Vitting Andersen, University of Paris-1

BA Shusong, Development Research Centre of the State Council

CHEN Daofu, Development Research Centre of the State Council

CHEN Shuheng, AI-ECON Research Center, National Chengchi University

Dominique Guegan, University of Paris-1

Xinhua He, Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Weiping Li, Oklahoma State University & Southwestern Jiaotong University

LIN Jianwu, Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School

LIU Shiping, Chinese Academy of Sciences University

LIU Xiliang, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics

LIU Xinhai, People’s Bank of China

WANG Qing, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics

TANG Shiwei, Beijing University Financial Intelligent Research Center

Rodney Wolff, University of Queensland

WU Chongfeng, Shanghai Jiaotong University

YUAN Xianzhi, Tongji University

ZHANG Wei, Tianjin University

Yi-Cheng Zhang, University of Freiburg, Switzerland

Zhenlong Zheng, Xiamen University

ZHOU Xiaohua, Chongqing University

Zili Zhu, Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization, Australia


Organizing Committee: 

  • Swingtum Consulting 

  • Intelligent Finance Research Center, CAS-CIGIT 

Registration Fees: (in Chinese yuan) 

  • Priority:¥18,000 VIP round-table meetings, all banquets 

  • Standard: 3,600 

  • Academic Staff: 1,800 (for those from university and academies) 

  • Graduate Students: 900 (for PhD candidates and university students) 

ICIF-IV Conference Contacts: 

For paper submission, sponsoring, registration, accommodation and travel, please email 

Secretariat: icif@cigit.ac.cn  

Phone: +86-23-62768372, Mobiles: 18908312825 (Miss Zhang), 15215035095 (Miss Zhang), 15310487233(Mr Guo), 15310305234(Mr Xiang) 

For conference collaboration, sponsorship, and special arrangement, please contact  

Executive Chair Professor PAN Heping: panhp@cigit.ac.cn 

Mobile: +86-13896169035, +61-478083936 often travelling overseas, please send text messages first before dialing 

To Submit a Research Paper or an Abstract for giving a Presentation: 

Please use the word template “ICIF-IV 2015 Authors Instructions.doc” for preparation of your contribution, and then email your submission to: icif@cigit.ac.cn  

To Register for attending the Conference: 

Please use the registration form “ICIF-IV 2015 Registration.doc”, and email the filled form to: icif@cigit.ac.cn  

More information about the Conference will be available on the official websites of ICIF-IV: 

http://english.cigit.cas.cn/icif/ (English website) 

http://www.cigit.cas.cn/icif/ (Chinese website) 

The PDF version of this Call-for-Papers is available here: 

ICIF-IV 2015 Call-for-Papers.pdf 


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