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Prof. Li Zhang from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited CIGIT
Update time: 2014-11-06
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Prof. Li Zhang gave a lecture, entitled “the metal accumulation mechanism of marine fishes and feeding strategies control” on November 03, 2014. This meeting was chaired by Prof. De-Sheng Pei, the dean of Research Center for Environment and Health (RCEH). Prof. Mao-Hua Ma and other scholars also attended this meeting.

Prof. Zhang compared accumulation of heavy metal in fish from food and aqueous phase, two different absorption approaches. Combining experimental biometrics and kinetic model, he successfully simulated the metal concentration in fishes under abnormal growing condition. He found that feed with different baits in marine fishes would cause dramatically difference in metal absorption efficiency. Moreover, this difference is closely connected with the subcellular distribution of metal in feed baits. Prof. Zhang and participants had an in-depth discussion on some interesting academic topics at the end of the meeting.

Prof. Zhang is a doctoral supervisor and the recipient of “Hundred Talents Program” of CAS. He mainly focuses on ecotoxicological effect mechanisim on marine fishes. He got important results in ecotoxicological effects of trace element, ammonia nitrogen, marine environment, ecosystem health assessment, and the mechanism of environment adaptation. He currently chairs the National Natural Science Foundation of China and “Hundred Talents Program” of CAS. His recent works have been published in many famous peer-viewed journals, such as Limnology & Oceanography, Aquatic Toxicology and Journal of Experimental Biology etc.


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