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Open Instrument and Technology Center (OITC)

Open Instrument and Technology Center (OITC)

Our mission

   A primary characteristic of Open Instrument & Technology Center (OITC) is the honest commitment to technical service and instrumental analysis, effectively merging into academic research, as well as industrial market by providing high quality expertise services to Chonging institute, regional academic research group and business community, eventually extended globally, where making a big and real world impact. The OITC houses a majority facilities in Chongqing institute, including six subdivisions:

► Mass Spectrometry 

► Nanofabrication and Characterization

► Optical and Electrical Laboratory

► Research Computing Cluster

► Robotic Machine

► Biotechnology

   In accordance with institute’s ultimate goal, OTIC is motivated and managed by three drivers: Expertise service, scientific research drivers and economic driver, respectively, covering broad range of research fields and technical markets. The deliverable from OITC can be categorized into three correlated products, a) intellectual property including publication and patents, b) standard protocols for quality services that would significantly extend our capabilities in technical service, and c) development of fully integrated instruments and applicable medical apparatuses, which exhibited strong promising for the market potential. 

   Scientists in the broad scope of research fields, regionally or globally, may utilize many of center’s facilities and a variety of advanced technologies. Please come in, see us and discuss your needs. Contact the appropriate facility director and supervisor to make arrange of your service. 


Name  Title  E-mail  Tel
Bei Nie Head Professor bnie@cigit.ac.cn 023-60363659
Chaolan He Team manager hechaolan@cigit.ac.cn 023-60363728
Linzhi Wang Director of Library wanglinzhi@cigit.ac.cn 023-60363658
Xiaopeng Lu Buyer luxiaopeng@cigit.ac.cn 023-63063625
Junfei Ye Senior buyer yjf@cigit.ac.cn 023-63063578
Peng Lu Purchasing Supervisor lupeng@cigit.ac.cn 023-63063616
Jin Zhang   zhangjin@cigit.ac.cn  
Jie Gan   ganjie@cigit.ac.cn  

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