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Computing the Singular Solution of Power Flow System14-03-27

Finding Points on Real Solution Components and Applications to ...14-03-27

The Design and Implementation of Energy Consumption Monitoring ...14-03-27

Study of transpiring fluid dynamics in supercritical wat...14-03-27

Bioleaching enhancement of copper mine tailings by oxalic acid14-03-27

Illumination and Contrast Balancing for Remote Sensing Images14-03-27

Thin cloud removal from single satellite images14-03-27

Macromolecular products from biosolids and its morphologic chan...14-03-27

A GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sen...14-03-27

Gaussian Mixture Model Mapping in Face Recognition14-03-27

Multilevel redundancy allocation using two dimensional arrays e...14-03-27

Ecient seat belt detection in a vehicle surveillance application14-03-27

Fabrication of Optical Elements Using a Rapid UV-curable and Lo...14-03-27

Hole arrayed metal-insulator-metal structure for surface enhanc...14-03-27

An eigenvalue method to study the threshold behaviors of plasmo...14-03-27

Design of freeform LED lens with large light deflection angle f...14-03-27

Design Method for Light Absorption Enhancement in Ultra-Thin Fi...14-03-27

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