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Prof. Hao Xiaotao Visited CIGIT and Gave an Academic Report
Update time: 2014-07-30
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Prof. Hao Xiaotao, from Shandong University, visited CIGIT at invitation and gave an academic report on July 18th.

Prof. Hao gave an academic report named Solid-state Physical Characteristics and Its Application of Photoelectricity Functional Materials at the meeting, who detailedly introduced research effort in the aspect of semiconducting polymer and oxide semiconductor by School of Physics of Shandong University. In terms of research effort, he specified fundamental research, material design and device application, research on controllable solid-state characteristics of semiconducting polymer materials and surface electronic structure, exploration about novel oxide semiconducting materials and surface finish and modification of materials.

After the report meeting, Prof. Hao communicated with participating researchers in terms of relevant researches.

Prof. Hao is the professor, doctorial tutor and vice-president of School of Physics of Shandong University, who once did research effort in Australia, Japan and Singapore for years. In 2011, He was elected as one of the first group of “The Thousand Youth Talents Program” of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC. His main research orientation focus on organic semiconductor (especially conjugated polymer) optical physics, micro-structure, surface/interface physics, oxide conductor, organic optoelectronic devices, etc. In recent years, he published more than 50 pieces of essays in some international academic periodicals, such as J Phys Chem Lett, J Am Chem Soc, Appl Phys Lett, Macromolecules and achieved 3 International Patents for Invention. In addition, he was awarded JSPS Fellowship Award and CSJ Distinguished Lectureship Award.


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