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Research center of Shale Gas Development Technology

Focusing on the evaluation technology for shale gas resources, safe drilling and stimulation technology,we are building a platform for the study of exploration technology, safe and efficient drilling technology, nano-production technology in shale reservoir. We aim to establisha regional and national research center for theexplorationand development of shale gas.


1. Assessment techniquefor the resource and production of shale gasreservior

2. The technology for safe and efficient drilling shale gas

3.The system for increasingthe production ofshale gas

4. Characterization of the microscopic structurein shale gas reservoirs

Principal Scientists

Tan Yanhu Senior engineer, deputy director, he received several award significant oil and gas exploration discovery.

Long Wei Visiting fellow, reservoir engineers, he has been worked in BP company for many years.

Luo Nie Visiting fellow, he has been worked in UIUC.

Recent Progress

1. Exploring the basic characteristics of shale reservoir in Chongqing area.

2. Studying on the shale mineral components, brittle characteristics and stress in Chongqing region, and providing a solid theoretical foundation for the design of reconstruction and fracturing scheme in the reservoir area

3. Revealing the acoustic characteristics, strength properties and instability mechanism of the shale in Chongqing.

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