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Research Center for Atmospheric Environment

        The RCAE is dedicated to the state-of-art science and technology development for controlling “complex atmospheric pollution” and the major demand for improving atmospheric environment in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. We intend to launch basic, prospective and original study on the source, formation mechanism, effects and control technology of atmospheric pollutants, and establish an important research and development platform for complex atmospheric pollution control in the region.


        1) Identify the source, formation mechanism and effects of PM2.5 and precursor pollutants.

        2) Investigate major emission sources of atmospheric pollution and explore the control technology and equipment.

        3) Develop sampling and monitoring equipment for important atmospheric pollutants.

Principal Scientists

Dr. Fumo Yang Professor, director of research center for atmospheric environment, awardee of the second prize of National Natural Science award, and advanced workers of National Meteorological Science and Technology

Dr. Leiming Zhang Guest professor, research scientist in Air Quality Research Division, Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada

Recent Progress

1) Set up the first station for comprehensive observation and research on atmospheric environment in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

2) Mapping the distribution of PM2.5 chemical speciation across China for the first time.

3) Preliminary identification of the key PM2.5 components and influential factors for haze formation in representative megacities.

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