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Center of Membrane Technology
1. Orientation

Center of Membrane Technology is committed to the application of membrane technology in sewage reclamation, drinking water purification, air purification etc. It is guided by the market to open the platform of membrane technology to carry out the basic theory of high performance membrane material preparation and the application of membrane technology system. It is aimed at making it with the international advanced level of membrane technology research center and the achievement transformation platform, and promoting the establishment of membrane industry base.

2. Research Fields

1) Development of High flux Forward osmosis membrane material and Research of low energy consumption desalination technology

2) Development of high performance air purification filter material

3) Advanced treatment and reclamation technology of High concentration nonbiodegradable wastewater and equipment development

4)Kitchen waste treatment and recycling technology by Photo-membrane bioreactor

3. Academic Leader

Ren Yiwei, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Center of Membrane Technology and Application Engineering

4. Achievements

1) It is the first time to adopt the hydrophilic/hydrophobic interpenetrating network nanofibers support technology to prepare the high flux forward osmosis membrane for the application of seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation.


2) It is the first time to adopt the micro/nano fiber reinforcement technology to prepare the high strength PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and membrane system for water purification.

3) Development of low resistance and high accuracy air purification membrane materials for the application of the PM2.5 monitoring, PM2.5 protection, industrial dedusting, indoor air purification, etc.

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