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Center of quantum information technology
         Center of quantum information technology, Chongqing institute of green intelligent technology (CIGIT), Chinese academy of Sciences, is going to make theoretical and experimental research systematically in quantum optics and quantum computational theory, such as optimization of solid-states quantum dots material structure and cryogenic fluorescence property, fine modulation of quantum dots energy level transition, preparation of solid-states quantum entanglement, on-chip fabrication of optical microcavities and nano-waveguides and optical coupling, cavity quantum electrondynamics based on the coupling between solid-states quantum dots and optical cavity, quantum CNOT gates based on atom optical nonlinearity, nuclear magnetic resonance coupling based on solid-states quantum dots, theory of weak quantum measurement, and so on.

The construction of the center has obtained great financial support from the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the funding platform of CIGIT. The center is building a closed-cycling cryogenic laser scanning microscope system with very high performance and the supporting optical interferometer measurement systems, and other related equipments, such as spectrometer, microwave and RF generators for energy-level fine modulation. Deep research on nano solid-states quantum optics (diamond NV systems represented) will be carried out in the near future. Our goal is to construct a solid state quantum optics research platform with international advanced level. We are looking forward to cooperate with researchers who has deep experiences in cryogenic fluorescence of quantum dots and quantum computing research fields.

Center responsible person: Hong-Quan Zhao Tel: 023-6593-5532  Mobile: 18908319866  emailhqzhao@cigit.ac.cn

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