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Center of Big Data

Introduction of Our Center

        Our research center put eyes on applications of big data retrieval, vehicle mechanical management and e-commerce areas. We have developed a big data platform which combine with our independent intellectual property rights and also we have developed other some core applications are suitable for this platform, especially our platform can provide whole service and solutions for some applications may need to collect big data within high speed, high reliability of storage and easy access.

Research Area

        Our research center focus on big data platform research. Currently we are studying and implementing Hadoop distributed system and the same time we are according to customer requirements in the actual projects, we developed some big data platform within smart city characteristics. Our products contain following outstanding features in domestic:

         1. Supporting direct access file system,Significantly reduce the difficulty of using a distributed file system, improve the efficiency of distributed file storage system.

        2. We support IOT gateway and data processing features and this solution can solve the high concurrency problems and high throughput requirements when sensors are uploading. And on the next stage of development, we fellow the IEEE1888 protocol, and support IOT data transmission and mid-ware storage under the international protocol standard.

        3. We provide NoSQL Database dynamic indexing characters based on HBase.

        4. We provide a graphical interface of the platform management system for convince management and provide variety of automation platform management protocols to decrease the difficulty and working hours for IT operation stuffs.

        In the feature, we will work for whole solutions to optimize hardware, multistage storage, and distributed memory cache and other key technologies, and this solution is contained in following characters: stronger practice, excellent performance, ability to cover all the hardware equipments, distributed system, mid-ware components and applications.

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