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Neural Electro-Mechanics Center
1. Introduction

    With innovative bio mimetic control algorithm and advanced manufacturing technology, we focus on study implementation new theories in the field of Bio-mechatronic engineering. The research will lead to new sensory motor function rehabilitation for patients with nerve system disease, as well as other intelligent innovative medical devices. Teamed with world-leading neurobiological scientist and electrical researches, we are on our way to promote the future neurological rehabilitation technology and its clinical application.

2. Research Area

(1)  Advanced Sensorimotor Neural Decoding Theory

(2)  Multi-mode feedback Compliant Control Theory

(3)  High-precision, multidimensional sensory fusion Technology


(4)  Interactive Neuro-reconnection and Reconstruction System


3. Faculty

Yao Li

Researcher, Director of NEMC

Gerald E. Leob, MD

Distinguished Member of CIGIT Strategic Advisory Committee,

Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering,


Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California.

Rahman Davoodi, Ph.D

Distinguished Research Fellow,

Professor of Biomedical Engineering,University of Southern California.

4. Innovations


(1) Developed the tactile-feedback muscle mechatronic coupling control system for full DOF bi-manual tele-robotic system, which achieved major breakthrough to the biomimetic tactile feedback control and tactile reconstruction.

(2) Developed an implantable micro-neural interface system, which provides a revolutionary solution for treatment and rehabilitation for neurological motor dysfunction diseases, such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injury.






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