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Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (IMTRI)
 I.        Mission

By facing the cutting-edge technology in the world and being established in the upper reaches of Changjiang River, the IMTRI has been working on the breakthrough on generic and key technologies, boosting the industrial upgrades, and accelerating the industrialization and transfer of research products by aiming two concentrates: green and intelligent technologies.It becomes an outstanding platform of innovation in the inner regional economies.

Research Fields

Terahertz Technology Research and Application: Focusing on the applications of THz in the biomedical imaging, biomolecular interaction, non-destructive detection, opto-electrical communication, and semiconductor device et al., the researches include THz-TDS imaging and defect inspection.

NanoelectronicsResearch and Development:The key research projects for next few years of Nanoelectronics Center will focus on nanomaterials for energy harvesting and storage, nanodevice for data storage, photodetecting system with ultra-high resolution using photoelectric nanowires, and nanomaterial enhanced polymer lithium ion battery technology.

Intelligent Industrial Design:Focusing on the modern simulation technology in the manufacturing industry, the researches include complex system simulation, co-simulation analysis of mechatronic hydraulic and control system and the platform of intelligent industrial design.

3D Printing Technology Research and Application:Focusing on the applications of additive manufacturing technologies in the aeronautics & astronautics, key auto parts, and biomedicine, the researches concentrate on high-efficient, high-performance, and high-accurate 3D printing theories and application developments.

Robotic Technology Research and Development:Focusing on the key technologies of light-weight robot, embedded bus control system, telepresencetelerobot, multiple sensing information fusion, the research include low-cost and light-weight robot, surgical robot, and detection and inspection robot in the dam water environment.

Intelligent Neural Mechatronics:Based on the new theories and methods of biological mechanical or electrical engineering, combined with modern bionic control and advanced manufacturing technology, the center is committed to the applied research in intelligent innovative medical devices and neuro rehabilitation therapy.

Micro and nano-manufacture and Systematic Integration:Based on the applications in the fields of optics and photonics, the researches concentrate on graphene material manufacture, micro and nano fabrication and instrumentation, micrp-optics elements and systems application.

Surface Functional Material Development:Focusing on the key technologies regarding the mechanical friction, wear, burning, corrupting, and fatigue under the certain loading conditions, the researches include the self-lubrication wear-resistant, Bionic self-cleaning super-hydrophobic, anti-ice, and drag and noise reduction coating materials.

>Intelligent equipment and instrumentation Research: Focusing on the applications of surface plasmon resonance technology in the fields of food safety, public safety, and environmental monitoring, the researches include the Raman technology, sensing and analyzing technology, and portable analyzing instruments.


The IMTRI has recruited a research team with broad background, strong capability of innovation, and reasonable structures. It has more than 100 employees. 25 employees are oversea returnees from the top universities and institutes, There are 14 full professors and 16 associate professors including 4 national “1000 plan” awarded professors, 1 chief scientist in the national “973” project, 1 professor with million talent in the new century, 3 CAS “100 plan” awarded professors, 1 Chongqing outstanding young investigator.  

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