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Supercritical water oxidation technology for waste treatment
Update time: 2014-03-26
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For the first time in the world, the dynamic gas seal reactor has been designed and used, coupled with the segmented feeding and gravity sedimentation of inorganic salt, to solve the two major problems associated with the supercritical water oxidation technology, corrosion and scaling. Pilot plant scale equipment has been builded; its COD removal efficiency can reach as high as 99.9%.

Function, technical parameters and advantages

1. Easy and safe operation;

2. Operation temperature 400~500℃,pressure 23~30MPa,no obvious corrosion and scaling for long term run;

3. No phase limitation for the subject to be treated such as gas, liquid, solid or any mixture of them;

4. COD of effluent after treatment less than 50mg/L, COD removal rate more than 99%, no secondary contamination


Can be applied to the treatment of municipal and industrial solid waste, especially for waste with high salt, high solid contents, or recalcitrant pollutants.

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