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The fine-resolution numerical weather prediction system in mountainous region
Update time: 2014-03-26
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The assimilation of weather radar and observation data, which is used for Three Gorges and other complex mountainous terrain, is established for the first time based on the ability of our 85TFlops high-performance computing platform and the storm scale forecast model. With the parallel program optimization, the Chongqing fine-resolution numerical weather prediction is to improve weather forecast accuracy in the region.

Function, technical parameters and advantages

1. Use 4 layers of nested grid, the vertical resolution of 51 layer, the horizontal resolution of 27-9-3-1km;

2. Fine-resolution weather forecast time is 12 hours, with hourly update;

3. Provide numerical forecast images in different resolution. Include temperature, pressure, relative humidity, wind, precipitation, visibility, radar reflectivity, TlogP, convective instability index, lightning potential index, site wind profile infrared images;

4. Provide the lattice and the site data products, the data format of NETCDF and MICAPS.


Fine-resolution numerical weather forecast

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