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Landfill leachate treatment technology
Update time: 2014-03-26
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Research Center for Pollution Process and Treatment of Wastewater has made progress in the treatment of landfill leachate. Functional bacteria of nitrification and denitrification with high performance and a heterogeneous catalyst of Fenton reaction have been developed, and a coupled process with units of physico-chemical pretreatment, anaerobic digestion and aerobic oxidation, and advanced oxidation, which is highly effective and economic. The water quality of effluent can well meet the national standard (Grade 1). A pilot-scale demonstration base for this technology has been firstly established in Chongqing area.

Function, technical parameters and advantages

1. Effluent with COD ≤100 mg/L,NH3-N≤15 mg/L, TN≤40 mg/L ,pH 6.0-9.0, satisfying Grade 1 of GB 16889—2008.

2. The cost is less than 40yuan/tons of leachate.


Applicable for the landfill leachate with various ages and highly concentrated industrial organic wastewater.

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