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Highly sensitive portable Raman spectrometer
Update time: 2014-03-26
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A portable Raman spectrometer integrated with specific application database and automatic identification software has been successfully developed. We have achieved a non-destructive, rapid, highly sensitive detection of banned additives in food and environmental contaminants by using self-developed surface enhanced Raman scatting chip and microfluidic devices.

Function, technical parameters and advantages

1. Laser Power: 20-500mW

2. Peak Wavelength: 785nm

3. Stray Light: <0.2nm

4. Laser Stability: <3%/2hrs

5. Wavelength Range: 150~3300cm-1

6. Resolution: 10~12cm-1

7. Cooling: TE-cooled detector


It can be applied in food safety, environmental protection, biomedical, public security and other fields.

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