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Mass production of mono-layer graphene
Update time: 2014-03-26
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The first 15 inches graphene film was realized by us in China, transferred to PET substrate, and successfully applied to the flexible touch screen. Graphene touchscreen scale application will replace the current market-driven ITO touch screen, and as a key common technology for the next generation of human-computer interaction, leading the trend of intelligent terminals, push trillion leap in the development of electronic information industry.

Function, technical parameters and advantages

1. Size: ≥7 inches.

2. Uniformity: ≥90%.

3. Optical transmittance: ≥85%.

4. Square resistance: ≤150Ω/sq.

5. Annual output: 10 million pieces of 7 inches graphene.


The application areas of the graphene film include touch panel, OLED, LCD screen, solar cell, supercapacitor, electrochemical spectral component, OFET and many other fields.

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