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Parallel 3D printing robot
Update time: 2014-03-26
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Parallel 3D printing robot has the features of rapid speed, high precision, large print space, super saving print materials, etc. Compact structures brought by reasonable mechanical design can save large 3D printer installation space. According to the outline of the object, it prints the outer shape of the object directly using the independent software.

Functions, technical parameters and advantages

1. Fast printing speed: driven by precision servo motor, its maximum printing speed could be as high as 1 m/s;

2. High printing precision: < 0.1 mm;

3. Large printing space: φ800mm×400mm;

4. Small installation size: The size of its compact structure is 1000×1000×1200mm;

5. Super saving printing material: It could print the outer shape of an object by one layer, and saves more than 95% print materials.


applied to structure modeling verification, architectural models print, artwork design verification, , and food packaging, electronic components mounting, handling, and other automated production process. .

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