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Renishaw inVia Raman microscopes
Update time: 2014-04-09
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inVia Raman microscopes are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements. inVia Raman microscopes support multiple lasers, with automatic software switching of excitation wavelength. With a comprehensive range of Rayleigh filter options, and motorised switching, it's easy to configure the system to suit your analytical needs.

Renishaw inVia Spectrometer system for Raman spectral analysis using visible excitation at 532nm,second excitation wavelength at 632.8nm, third excitation wavelength at 785nm. Including Kinematic system baseplate, automated motorized XYZ mapping and sample stage.


Resolution: ≤1cm-1

Reproducibility: ≤±0.15cm-1

Sensitivity: Silincon 3rd order signal Signal/Noise ratio 15:1

Excitation wavelength: 532nm, 633nm, 785nm.

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